The power of smile in self-esteem

You have changed your life. Thanks to you I have learned to smile. “This is one of the last phrases our doctors have heard from one of their patients. Miguel, 35, has just finished a teeth whitening treatment because his teeth were so gray that the patient had learned to smile in an unnatural way so as not to show them. Moreover, Miguel could no longer remember his spontaneous smile and now he has had to learn to smile again as he did years ago.

Although it may seem exaggerated, Miguel’s case is not isolated. Every day we hear phrases like these in our practice that refer mainly to problems of self-esteem arising from crowding, color or lack of brightness of the teeth. Although for Miguel the alignment of the teeth was not a problem, he had been self-conscious about color for years and until now had not taken any action to solve his complex.

Studies on the importance of smiling

For cases like Miguel’s we know that the smile is not a merely aesthetic detail that intervenes in our physical appearance in a superficial way. In fact, various universities around the world have shown through their studies the importance of smiling in personal, social and even professional relationships.

On the one hand, the University of Kingston (United Kingdom) analyzed the behavior of more than 2,000 consumers and concluded that a “simple smile and a friendly greeting “may be sufficient reasons for a customer to maintain their loyalty to local businesses.

On the other hand, a study conducted by the Cognitive Neuroscience Center of Duke University (United States) states that a smile also helps us to be remembered by others. In their experiment, a group of volunteers observed images of smiling and serious people next to their names. The analysis showed that individuals who had been exposed to photographs were more easily able to remember the names of smiling people.

Repercussion in the relationship with others

Our smile is, in many cases, our main letter of introduction . Those who are not satisfied with their appearance, usually smile little, badly and half . However, a relaxed, broad and spontaneous smile influences the attitude we show to others and the perception they have about us. When we smile, the person in front of us is more predisposed to return the pleasant gesture and will be less likely to frown.

In addition, with this simple gesture, we send a message to those around us that we are comfortable with their presence and get them to perceive positive qualities in us. They will believe that we are a more sociable, safe and reliable person than someone who does not smile. Therefore, regardless of whether we are at a party, in a job interview or walking down the street, the fact of smiling safely always plays in our favor.

Tips not to be ashamed of the teeth

  • Brush after each meal to avoid the formation of plaque and tartar. Change the brush every two or three months and do not forget that the tongue and palate also need to be cleaned
  • It uses dental floss , as well as interdental brushes , to complete dental hygiene
  • Control tobacco use and, if possible, do not smoke
  • Avoid foods and drinks that stain your teeth. If you want to know all you should avoid – and all you should eat plenty of – you can read an article we published a few days ago about the importance of eating to have healthy teeth
  • Consult your dentist if there are toothpastes and rinses specific to your case, such as to maintain the color or shine of the teeth. In any case, remember that these products are not miraculous and that they will never give the same result as a professional treatment
  • Visit your dentist regularly (approximately every six months) to have a check-up and cleaning done . In case of any unexpected problem (caries, bleeding gums, bad breath …) come to consultation as soon as possible

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All the aforementioned tips are of a general nature and can be useful on a daily basis, to a greater or lesser extent, to keep teeth clean and fresh breath. However, if we are dealing with the case of a person with a complex or a severe problem, it is best to assess the available treatments.

There are many treatments of orthodontics and esthetic dentistry as well as numerous possibilities depending on the patient’s objective, the duration and the available budget . If your smile is a reason for insecurity, do not wait any longer.

Years ago these treatments seemed to have prohibitive prices, but nowadays there are especially flexible payment and financing conditions so that you will not find any impediments in improving your smile, your self-esteem and, consequently, your life.

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